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Raspberry Pi Pico H

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Raspberry Pi Pico series is built upon the RP2040 chip, marked the beginning of the microcontrollers from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The dimensions of the control board are 51mm x 21mm x 1mm, featuring an onboard Micro-USB port for both power supply and data transfer.

RPi Pico H has 40 pins with a 2.54mm / 0.1” pitch grid. Its compatibility with both breadboard and Veroboard is facilitated by 1mm small holes. The 4x drilled mounting holes (2.1mm / approx. 0.05mm) provide support for mechanical fixing.

Raspberry Pi Pico vs Pico H

There are two major differences between the Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico H microcontrollers.

Pre-Soldered Headers

  • Raspberry Pi Pico H is equipped with pre-soldered headers.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico is a castellated module, enabling direct soldering to the carrier board.

Keyed 3-Pin Connector

  • The Serial Wire Debug (SWD) 3-Pin header on Pico H is presented through a small keyed 3-Pin connector.
  • The Serial Wire Debug (SWD) header on Pico consists of 3 through-hole castellated pins positioned near the board's edge.

Raspberry Pi Pico Project Ideas

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico

Specifications of Raspberry Pi Pico 

  • Made by RPi Foundation 
  • Microcontroller Chip- RP2040 
  • Memory: 264kB RAM  
  • Flash- 2Mbyte 
  • 1.8 V / 3.3V Volts (Note that 3.3V is by default at Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • Data Interface: Micro USB Port 
  • Power interface: Micro USB port (the board supports external supplies) 
  • A Real-Time Counter 
  • 4 alarms are possessed by the timer 
  • 2x IO (PIO) programmable blocks
  • Interface emulation of VGA and SD Card is supported 
  • I/O Pins: 40x Pins (21x51 DIP) dual castellated  
  • 26x 3.3V multi-function I/O GPIO 
  • 2x SPI
  • 2x UART 
  • 16x PWM Channels 
  • 3 ADC capable pins 
  • 23 digital-only pins 
  • 2x I2C 
  • 3-Pin ARM SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Port 
  • Dimension - 51mm x 21mm x 1mm
Raspberry Pi Pico Pinout Numbering
Raspberry Pi Pico Pin Definition
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Footprint
Raspberry Pi Pico Dimensions (mm)

Specifications of RP2040 Microcontroller 

  • Cortex M0+ Dual-Core (133MHz Max.) 
  • Variable Core Frequency supported by On-Chip PLL 
  • Storage of RAM - Multi-bank 264kByte 
  • External Quad-SPI flash 
  • Full-Crossbar Bus Fabric 
  • USB1.1  
  • ADC: 500ksps 12-Bit  

Items Included

  • Raspberry Pi Pico H

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