NanoPi is an emerging name in Mini PC industry and has managed to attract developers from all over the world. FriendlyElec is a relatively new company but high-quality NanoPi computers have placed the brand among the top-ranked names in the industry.

We offer NanoPi K2, NanoPC-T2, NanoPC-T3, NanoPi M1 Plus, NanoPi NEO Air / NEO Plus2 / NEO2, and more, at a low price. We also offer KKSB’s casings designed exclusively to accompany NanoPi computers.

Feel free to walk through our NanoPi product category to know more about the specifications of these increasingly popular Mini PCs. You’re just at the right place to explore the complete range of these promising electronic products with detailed description including specs.

NanoPC-T3 Sold out
NanoPi M2A
BBC micro:bit
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NanoPi Duo

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NanoPi NEO