KKSB NanoPi NEO Air Chassi (Aluminium)

by KKSB-Cases
146 kr

KKSB NanoPi NEO Air Aluminum Case

Good news for NanoPi users! KKSB releases a few impressive NanoPi metal cases and this one is exclusive for the NanoPi NEO Air. It is delicate, reliable and highly supportive, ready to serve your NanoPi for years to come. The KKSB NanoPi NEO Air Aluminum Case is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It comes with a black top and white bottom (metallic). The top of the case features wider cutouts to support NanoPi NEO Air’s wireless signal transmission and reception. The ventilation cutouts are also very effective. The connector laser cut connector cutouts feature utmost precision to fit with the NEO Air’s components.


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Strong and rigid thanks to the aluminum alloy
  • Exclusively designed for the NanoPi NEO Air
  • Comes with wider cutouts on the top to ensure stable wireless signal-transmission
  • Powder coated lid and bottom
  • Laser cut precision
  • Delicate design
  • Cutouts to ensure proper ventilation
  • Easy drilling because the aluminum walls are 1mm thick
  • Supports all NEO Air features, connectors, and GPIO pins
  • Carries mounting holes
  • Features 4x standoffs (self-clinching)
  • Fixing the lid with the bottom doesn’t require screws. The components are designed for snap-fit.


The KKSB NanoPi NEO Air Aluminum Case is as reliable as its siblings. The finishing of these metal boards is outstanding. The laser-cut precision lends the case a professional and delicate look.  It’s equally effective for the beginners, experts, and companies. You don’t have to look for alternatives after having a long-lasting KKSB metal case.