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About Us

We are a team of professional developers aiming at inspiring the IoT lovers – newbies, hobbyists, and professionals – who dare to dream big and use their imagination to convert their dreams into reality, eventually contributing to better lifestyle, tech-driven society, and the provision of smarter solutions.

Our Mission

Maker Electronics aims to continuous uplift the people’s living standards across the globe by inspiring more and more creative minds by providing them with the most reliable, authentic, and genuine products at a fairly competitive price

Our Vision

Maker Electronics envisions tech-driven IoT-supported communities all over the world featuring far better smart solutions than we’ve today and that innovation & creativity continue to perform miracles at an ever-increasing pace


Being experienced IoT developers, we love to inspire more and more creative minds across the world. We love to see the Internet of Things helping communities in all walks of life. Smart-communities will shape the world in the coming decade and they’ve already found strong footings in various countries. Our mission is to force the change across the globe and let it reach the developing countries as well.

Selling isn’t our prime focus rather it is spreading the awareness and letting the young generation know the direction of the modern world. It is the service to the mankind and we take pride in contributing to the consistent betterment.

Why Maker Electronics?

Not only that we are the official Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Orange Pi, UDOO, Onion Omega, HiFiBerry, and NanoPi resellers, but we also offer some exclusive and highly customized supportive products such as laser cut metallic casings.

Everything You Need!

We don’t leave our buyers mid-way because we offer various extensions, sensors kits, camera modules, display units, Docks, cables, dongles, antennas, adapters, power supplies, and various accessories, which at times become mandatory for the developers to ensure smooth proceedings.

100% Legitimate

All of our products are 100% legitimate, presented along with the necessary details, specifications, and features to make it easier for the potential buyers to choose exactly what they’ve been looking for.

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