KKSB Pine64 Case

165 kr 132 kr

The Pine64 is an impressive development board going around and used by thousands of developers for their upscale computation. The KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case is the perfect protector for your Pine64. It is fully supportive of all the connections and the components of the Pine64. The case is made of the high-quality 5052 aluminum which is ideal to protect the parts accommodated inside the casing. You can easily modify the case for customized needs simply by drilling the thin casing walls.


  • Made of top-quality 5052 Aluminum (powder coated)
  • Comes with mounting holes and you can also use it as desktop
  • Contains 4x integrated standoffs
  • Laser-cut-outs to accommodate the connectors for the Mic/Headphone, On/Off Switch, USB, SD Card, HDMI, USB Power, LAN, etc.
  • Elegant ventilation cutouts
  • Impressive design with an attractive black and white finishing
  • Snap-fit top and bottom eliminates the requirements for the additional screws
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 165mm x 100mm x 40mm 
  • Wight: 120 grams 


It can’t get closer to perfection than the impressive features of the KKSB Pine64 Case. The metallic (aluminum 5052) body ensures the utmost reliability and strength. On the other hand, the thin walls are easier for drilling to facilitate customized modifications. Get one of these and forget thinking about any other protective casing for your Pine64.