Svart chassi för Raspberry Pi 2, 3 och B +

by raspberry pi
62 kr

It is a wise move to keep single-boards safe inside the proper casing. Casings not only look elegant but also support specific boards fully with the connectivity options. They don’t limit the functionality of the board but only get things properly dressed. This black Raspberry Pi case is safe, reliable and well designed. Though the design is simpler in terms of its outer shape. Some of the new cases for Raspberry Pi carry a much more sophisticated look and feature impressive designs. As far as the utility is concerned, the Black Raspberry Pi Case is fairly useful and is designed to accommodate different Pi boards including Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi B+.

Black Raspberry Pi Case Features

  • This case has been updated to accommodate the Raspberry Pi 3 in addition to other models
  • It features a couple of LED port sets
  • There is an opening for the heatsink to facilitate both, LAN chip as well as CPU
  • The lid is removable to ensure super easy access to different components

Raspberry Pi Case (Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi B+) Description

This is an updated version and exclusively designed to accommodate Raspberry Pi 3 along with other models. There are a couple of LED sets to support different current formats. You can open the Raspberry Pi case by removing the lid to access various components. This casing supports heatsinks for all compatible Raspberry Pi boards.

The casing is reliable thanks to its solid composition. It is tough and hard to crack. The casing also features a couple of camera mounting options. The walls are thicker than other cases for Raspberry Pi. It means that it holds its shape for years even after being reassembled repeatedly.


Please bear in mind that this case doesn’t facilitate Raspberry Pi Model A, Model A+ and Model B (original format).