NodeMCU ESP8266 v3

by TZT
139 kr 111 kr

If you want to optimize wireless connection then consider the Lua Wireless Module NodeMCU v3/v2 - ESP8266 and ESP32 D1 MINI. The good thing about the ESP8266 is that it supports the USB ESP-12E CH304G Port and also the PCB antenna.

Features of Lua Wireless Module NodeMCU v3/v2 (ESP8266 / ESP32 D1 MINI)

  • Programming on Lua WiFi Module is fairly easy thanks to the support of Lua Script
  • The module features the open-source WiFi-enabled ESP8266 board
  • Lua Wireless Module NodeMCU lets you configure advance API with the help of hardware I/O. It works best with Arduino Hardware I/O.
  • Interactive coding thanks to Lua Script support
  • This wireless module works like Node.js Network API


The ESP8266 is also a programmable/customizable open-source board with interactive WiFi. The Lua Wireless Module Node MCU v3/v2 works best with Arduino Hardware I/O. The advance API of this wireless module is easily configurable. In addition, this module lets you make use of interactive coding via Lua Script.