Si1145 ADC Ambient Light Sensor UV Index Value Output 3.3V 5V I2C 5PIN Wire

by Waveshare
206 kr 165 kr

This UV and Ambient Light Sensor features the Si1145 chip. This sensor generates the UV index value output directly through the I2C interface. The chip can measure ambient light and ultraviolet intensity. The module supports 3.3V and 5V voltage levels.

Features of UV and Ambient Light Sensor Si1145

  • Sensor Chip: Si1145
  • Measures Ultraviolet and ambient light intensity
  • Embedded ADC
  • I2C interface to generate UV index value output directly without calibration
  • Interrupt output supported
  • Programable threshold (upper and lower)
  • 3V and 5.0V operating voltage – Onboard voltage translator
  • Hole Size: 2.0mm mounting holes
  • -40oC to 85oC operating temperature
  • Weighs only 7 grams
  • Small Size: 2.6 x 1.6 (cm) | 26 x 16 (mm)

Items Included

  • 1x UV Sensor
  • 1x PH2.0 Wire (5-PIN)