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UDOO X86 Advanced

The UDOO X86 board family is known for its support for arguably all the PC-friendly software including gaming tools, graphics editing tools, video streaming tools, as well as professional development programs. In addition, the X86 serves Arduino 101 software including libraries, sketches, and 101 IDE. The UDOO X86 Advanced is the upgrade of the original UDOO X86. You don’t need to doubt the driver’s compatibility or software support. This board is a true next-gen creation.



Intel Celeron 2.24GHz N3160 Qua-Core


Dual Channel 4GB DDR3L


Intel HD 400 / 640MHz (max.) / 12 Execution Units

Video Interface

2x MiniDP++ Connectors / 1x HDMI


3x Type-A USB 3.0

 Storage Support

SATA Connector (Standard) / Micro SD Card Slot

SSD (Key-B M.2) Slot


M.2 Key-E Slot (Wireless Module Optional)

Gigabit Ethernet Connector

 Audio Support

Mic + Headphone Connector

S/PDIF Output

Speaker Header (Internal)

 Multimedia Support

HW Video Encode H.264/MVC/JPEG

HW Video Decode H.265/HEVC


Serial Ports

2x UART Ports

Interface Support

IR Interface / RTC Battery + Connector / 2x I2C / GPIO

Digital I/O

Up to 20 GPIO Pins

Operating System

Android / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Linux for X86

 Dimensions (L x W)

120mm x 85mm



The UDOO X86 Advanced allows you to mount M.2 WiFi/BT and M.2 SSD with the help of the spacers/screws. The board receives DC-Jack power supply via standard 2.1mm/5.5mm barrel jack. The release of various UDOO bricks with cascade-configuration cables have made the X86 family highly recommended for upscale projects as all UDOO bricks are compatible with this board.