Raspberry Pi T Cobbler 40 Pin GPIO Expansion DIY Kit

by Raspberry Pi Foundation
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Raspberry Pi Foundation always amazes its customers by launching a newbie fulfilling all the requirements and needs of the buyer. In order to development of new products compatible with previously existing items, T Cobbler Expansion DIY Kit 40Pin GPIO is available now for the latest Raspberry Pi boards.


  • Extremely easy and reliable set up to be operated
  • Custom-design for Raspberry Pi boards including:
      • Raspberry Pi A+
      • Raspberry Pi B+
      • Raspberry Pi 2
      • Raspberry Pi 3
      • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Features 40-Pin GPIO
  • No requirement of soldering
  • Net weight = 7g
  • Measurement of width (T-top) is 58mm (2.3-inches)
  • Compact size of  (73mm x 20mm x 2mm) or (2.9” x 0.8” x 0.08”)


You want to manage various devices on to a single credit card size board and confused what to do now? Here comes the T Cobbler Expansion DIY Kit 40Pin GPIO that serves the cause. Raspberry Pi helped us a lot, making our lives easier and better. In contrast to the conventional reference card, this customized DIY kit for Raspberry Pi boards is the best option available in the market.