RP-SMA Male 2.4G 2.5G 2dB Antenna

by Waveshare
80 kr

This antenna is compatible with 2.4G wireless modules. It comes with an RP-SMA Male interface. It is an omnidirectional antenna with 360o signal transmission and 2dB power gain.

Specifications of RP-SMA Male 2.4G Antenna

  • Frequency Coverage: Supports 2.4G and 2.5G
  • SMA Connector: RP-SMA Male (Reverse Polarity SMA) | Inside Thread | Female Central Receptacle
  • Signal Emission: Omni-Directional 360-Degree
  • Power Gain: 2dB
  • Length: 10.8cm
  • Weight: 12 Grams

Items Included

  • RP-SMA 2.4G 2dB Antenna (1)