Raspberry Pi Real Time Precision Clock DS3231

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Development and betterment have no ends. Even, if you are going to make a masterpiece sill, it may require improvement. The same is the case with Raspberry Pi boards. Although, enriched with a valuable specification but still missing a Real-Time Clock. But, there is no need to worry about it.  The amazing DS3231 Real Time Precision Clock is there to fill this gap.


  • It requires a low power supply (3.3V to 5V) due to auto-adjustment; DS3131 RTC doesn’t require level conversion.
  • Equipped with an uninterrupted backup for battery
  • Suitable temperature for efficient performance ranges from -40°C to 80°C
  • It has a compatibility to the motherboards
  • A couple of calendar alarms are part of the clock
  • Features a comprehensive detail of statistics giving descriptions ranging from seconds to years
  • Serial bus operating (I2C) at 400kHz
  • Prestigious Underwater Laboratories certified
  • High accuracy of time, i.e.  +/- 0.432 sec/day
  • 1Hz & 32.768kHz output
  • Smaller in size ( 13.6mmx13.7mm)


The Raspberry Pi boards lacking the feature of Real Time Clock force the system for seeking help from the NTP Server (Network Time Protocol) to ensure the time update when the system is turned on. In case of non-availability of internet facility, there is no other solution to the Raspberry Pi for determining the exact time. The drawback may be ignored in general circumstances but it needs to be addressed while, working on time-sensitive projects.

The DS3231 Real Time Clock appears on the scene as a more desirable solution to the problem.  The precision level of this valuable RTC is amazingly higher. If precision in terms of time really does matter for you, there is no better choice for you other than The DS3231 Real Time Clock.