Orange Pi Zero NAS Expansion

by OrangePi
150 kr 120 kr

The smaller size mustn’t limit the functionality of Orange Pi Zero family and there is good news for all those who’ll love to test their development skills on their precious Orange Pi Zero versions. Orange Pi Zero NAS expansion is now available at fairly competitive prices. The expansion comes with mSATA, SATA, 2x USB 2.0 ports, 3.5mm AV Jack and much more. Orange Pi Zero NAS doesn’t require complex setup. It is user-friendly and highly convenient. SATA ports don’t require additional setup because they work like a USB or any other mass storage device.

Orange Pi Zero NAS Specs

  • Comes with a SATA Port
  • Features an mSATA Port to work with JMS578 USB 3.1
  • SATA bridging via UAS
  • A 3.5mm AV Jack
  • A couple of 2.0 USB Ports
  • Stereo Audio Support
  • TBC Composite Video
  • IR Receiver
  • Microphone Support
  • 13-Pin Female Header compatible with Orange Pi Zero


Orange Pi Zero NAS Expansion is convenient and easy to set up. You can also easily access free tutorials online about Orange Pi Zero NAS installation. The expansion also allows connection with the TV. For beginners, it is better to start with Armbian, Ubuntu, or Debian.