Orange Pi R1

by OrangePi
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Orange Pi family welcomes another promising board with amazing hardware specs and extended Ethernet support. The Orange Pi R1 H2+ comes with 32-bit Quad-Core Cortex-A7 supported by the Mali400MP2 Graphics Processing Unit. The processing unit is supported well by 16MB Spi Flash and 256MB DDR3. The Orange Pi R1 is compatible with Android 4.4, Debian, and Ubuntu operating systems. In addition to the Spi Flash, you can also extend the memory up to 32GB via TF Card. The board features a WiFi Antenna, 100M/10M RJ45 onboard, and 100M/10M RTL8152B Ethernet.


  • Processor: H2+ Quad-Core 32Bit Cortex-A7
  • Graphics Processing Unit: Mali400MP2 supports OpenGL ES 2.0 ticking at 600MHz
  • Storage: 16MB Spi Flash
  • Extended Storage: Up to 32GB TF Card Support
  • Memory: 256MB DDR3 (also supports GPU)
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Realtek RTL8189FTV / IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • RJ45 100M/10M Onboard Ethernet
  • RJ45 100M/10M RTL8152B
  • On-the-Go USB Power Supply
  • 1x3-Pins GPIO UART Ground
  • SW602 Power Button
  • 13-Pin Header featuring IR, Audio, and USBs
  • 26-Pin Header for Raspberry Pi B+ Compatibility
  • Power LED
  • Status LED
  • Android 4.4, Lubuntu, Armbian Image, and Debian operating system compatibility
  • Dimensions (L x W): 60mm x 45mm
  • Weight: 35g


Orange Pi R1 H2+ is one of the most promising and cost-efficient open-source boards available in the market. You can’t ask for more at this price. The board is capable of facilitating high-end games, utmost audio performance, and professional development projects. This board is suitable for all, from newbies to experts, and from hobbyists to professionals. Extended Ethernet support and onboard WiFi antenna make it an impressive choice for the developers looking for extended connectivity and convenience.