Orange Pi Lite

by OrangePi
219 kr 175 kr

Here, it comes good news for the people looking for incredibly cost-friendly single-board computers as the Orange Pi Lite arrives at the market. It is getting more popular than the Raspberry Pi Zero is compatible with different Linux distributions. The Orange Pi Lite is also compatible with various operating systems like Lubuntu (light-weight Linux distribution which is Ubuntu-based), Android, Armbian, and Debian.

Orange Pi Lite Specifications

  • Features 600MHz and 400MP2 (Mali) GPU supporting ES (2.0) OpenGL
  • H3 BASED (Cortex-A7) Quad-Core Processor (H.265/HEVC 4K)
  • TF Card Supporting up to (32GB) through (MMC) card slot
  • Audio input Supporting via MIC
  • Connector camera (CSI) as video input
  • interface support of CMOS sensor for (8-Bit) YUV422
  • Protocol (CCIR656 PAL) and protocol (NTSC) supporting
  • Features a (Wi-Fi) Antenna
  • (SM pixel) Camera sensor supporting
  • (1080 pixels) Video capturing support at 30fps
  • (HDMI) video output support with (HDCP)
  • HMDI (CEC) video output
  • (512MB) DDR3 assisted (processing unit)
  • HDMI (Audio Output) support
  • A couple of (USB 2.0 ports) including HOST (1X) and OTG (1x)
  • Supporting direct current power supply and there is no compatibility with USB (OTG) input power
  • HDMI 30-function (video output support)
  • 40 Pin Header giving support to Raspberry Pi B+
  • UART Ground (1x3) pin GPIO
  • Power and Status LEDs
  • Features a Power Key
  • Supportive configuration for Debian, Raspbian Image, Lubuntu and Android Operating Systems
  • Features Power Button (1x)
  • It has a dimension of 69mm (L) x 48mm (W)
  • 60-grams weight


The Orange Pi Lite consumes low power supply and of course, it is the prominent feature that takes the OPi Lite at a higher level as compared to other OPi boards. The computer is also equipped with the facility of Wi-Fi connectivity as the same facility was absent in Orange Pi One. The smartly designed board has multi-purpose usage. It can be used for creation of surveillance cameras etc.