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The Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case

The official Raspberry Pi 3 Case is not only a little programming expert but also features a capturing design making it much attractive and pleasant to eyes. Other than its charming look and design it is also equipped with a plenty of quality features. The beautiful case is carefully designed to provide a better protection to the components inside. You can even reach the GPIO by removing the side panel. This beautiful looking case is designed for better protection of the components inside. You can remove the side panel to reach the GPIO. Although, it looks small, and actually it is but, it has a great potential. Quality features of the device are adding a lot towards its popularity. Even, experts and professionals are considering the abilities of this small size device and getting full benefit from it.


The official Raspberry Pi 3 Case is enriched with the following features:

  • Ensures extra stability by sticking to the rubber feet
  • Weighs 50 grams GPIO access lid
  • Provided with a Camera
  • Features Display connectivity
  • (LED) light protection
  • (96x71x26mm) or (10cmx7cmx3cm) Compact size

What is Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi 3 needs a connection with monitor for getting power. There is a good news for the people who are not aware about it yet. The computer has an exceptionally small size and available in a reasonable price. Basic motive behind its development is to teach the youngsters and help those becoming professionals who would amaze the world by their outstanding developments in future. Therefore, the Raspberry Pi 3 is an excellent platform in this regard. The small size device is equipped with Raspberry Operating System. The device is getting popular day by day because of its use for the teaching purpose and basic program learning.