NanoPi NEO2

by FriendlyARM
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FriendlyElec released a new super tiny board (ARM) named as the NanoPi NEO2. Modern day’s concept of war surrounds the powerful and smart technology. While, in the present-day battlefield, “weapons” like the NanoPi NEO2 are much valuable. Smart technology is supposed to shape the future of the world. The tiny board is full with plenty of features that are going to surprise the developers. It features Allwinner’s (64-bit) H5 based Quad-Core SoC ARM Cortex-A53). Armbian image files and Ubuntu-Core is ready for it. The NPi NEO2 is equipped with the NEO form factor that is traditional. Although, its size is small but equipped with Ethernet and USB-HOST.


  • Allwinner’s H5 based (Cortex-A53) 64-bit high-performing ( Quad-Core) processor
  • (512MB) DDR3
  • Ethernet (RTL8211E-VB-CG (10/100/1000M)
  • Hexa-Core (Mali-450 ) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • USB Pin-Header(2x)
  • MicroSD Slot (1x) supporting storage and booting system
  • Power LED (1x)
  • 0.54mm pitch (GPIO) Pin-Header (including IO, SPI, UART and 12C also compatible with (Raspberry’s pin1-pin24)
  • System LED (2x) with blue color
  • 0.54mm pitch (Serial Debug Port) 4 pin header
  • 0.54mm pitch GPIO (12 pin-header) accommodates USB, I2C, IR receiver, and IO
  • MicroUSB (5V/2A ) Power Supply (OTG)
  • Compatibility with Ubuntu-Core and U-Boot Operating Systems
  • 2.0mm pitch 4 pin header with Audio (input/output)
  • Type-A (1X) USB Host
  • Square Dimensions ( 40mm x 40mm )


If you need to transfer data files with high speed and great efficiency, the NEO2 is the top preference in this regard. It is equally supportive to both professionals and the beginners as well. MicroSD Slot supporting of 128GB is a prominent feature added to the tiny board. There is only one reservation about the NPi NEO2 that DDR3 (512MB) is un-sufficient to support the Ethernet Speed. Considering all the features of the tiny board it is claimed that The NanoPi NEO2 is a valuable addition to the NanoPi family.