NanoPi NEO

by FriendlyARM
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The NanoPi NEO is a quality product that is smartly designed and introduced by FriendlyARM for all categories of board lovers including makers and different fans of electronic stuff. The board is Allwinner’s H3 based. The dimensions of the board are 40mm x 40mm. It works best with Debian, Ubuntu-Mate and Operation Systems of Android. Enriched with plenty of features and the smartly designed board is ready to give a very tough time to all of its competitors in the market. In spite of being small in size, it is well equipped with ports, HOST USB, Debug Port, Ethernet, OTG USB, and interfaces.


  • Ethernet connectivity (10/100M)
  • DDR3 (256MB and 512MB)
  • The NPi NEO board has a reliable and efficient H3 based (Allwinner) Quad-Core Cortex-A7 H3 (maximum 1.2GHz)
  • one MicroSD Slot
  • One (Type-A) USB-HOST with a pair of (2.54mm) pin
  • 2.54mm pitch (Debug Serial Port) 4-pin
  • One MicroUSB (OTG) supportive to input power supply configuration configured to facilitate (5V/2A) DC
  • (2.54mm) pitch 36 pin GPIO along with SPI, IO, UART and I2C
  • Suitable temperature ranges for efficient working (-40℃ to 80℃)
  • Compatible with Ubuntu-Core, U-Boot and Operating Systems of Android
  • L x W (40mm x 40mm)
  • Weight also including the pin header (14-grams)
  • 5 Pin header supports the Audio (input/output)


As the NanoPi NEO is compatible to the Raspberry Pi Boards; demand for the NEO tends to increase day by day. Thus, the brilliantly designed board is getting a high market value. Compatibility is apart, even the NPi NEO tends to compete with the Raspberry Pi. The NEO does not feature HDMI output. The high-value board gives an option to its users either to prefer 256MB or go for 512MB DDR3.