NanoPi A64

by FriendlyARM
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NanoPi A64

FriendlyArm produces a new board with high effectiveness and affordable price. The comprehensively designed board is full of splendid features like 64-bit A64 quad-core, UbuntuMate image files, and UbuntuCore. Addition of a plenty of features to this remarkably designed board ensures its enhanced functionality. Compatibility of the NanoPi A64 with Raspberry Pi board adds a lot to its features. The board has an ability to get input power from micro USB port of its own that makes it adaptable everywhere. You can also avail the facility of using a heatsink to ensure optimal performance of the board.


  • 64-Bit A64 Quad-Core (1.152GHz) Cortex-A53 having DVFS support
  • DDR3 RAM (1GB)
  • Ethernet (1Gbit RTL8211E)
  • Power management (AXP803) with Software support of Power-Off
  • WiFi connectivity (802.11b/g/n)
  • Audio Jack (3.5mm ) supported along with  MIC audio output
  • Graphics Processing Unit (Mali400-MP2) fully supporting to OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG1.1
  • Containing IR Receiver (onboard)
  • Pith Serial Debug Port of 2.54mm (4pin-header)
  • MicroSD Slot (1x)
  • 2x (Type A) USB 2.0
  • MicroUSB (1x) power supplying support
  • 24 pin pitch FPC Seat (0.5mm) along with DVP Camera support
  • Power Button (1x)
  • Support of video output with 1.4 (Type-A) HDMI
  • Power Indication LED (1x)
  • 30pin pitch FPC seat (0.5mm) MPI and DSI supportive
  • System Status LED (1x)
  • PCB with 6-Layers (ENIG)
  • Suited to direct current of (5V/2A)
  • 7pin pitch 12C (2.54mm)
  • 54mm pitch 40pin header GPIO including 12C, UART, IO, PWM, and SPI and it is well compatible to Raspberry Pi (GPIO)
  • Measurements= 64mm x 60mm
  • Operating system well supportive for UbuntuMATE and UbuntuCore


The NanoPi A64 is a comprehensively designed board added with ports, interfaces, and remarkable features. It is small in size and efficient in working without generating the heat. Remember that no facility to accommodate any type of fan is provided in the board as FriendlyArm claims that it generates the heat that does not require any fan for cooling it down.