Copper Heat Sink with Adhesive Sticker

by Waveshare
35 kr

The convenient heat conductivity makes copper a recommended material for a CPU heatsink. Copper has the ability to quickly extract the heat from the heat-generating source. It is one of the best metals for efficient heat dissipation. Heat travels through copper at a relatively quick speed and then it is transferred to the adjacent material, surrounding air in the case when copper is used as the heatsink. The weight of this copper heatsink is 3 grams. There is an adhesive sticker for easy fixing.

Features of Copper Heatsink

  • Quick heat conduction
  • Corrosion-free
  • The melting point of copper is high which means that this heatsink doesn’t expand quickly upon heating
  • Density: 321 lb/in³
  • Tensile strength: 310 MPa
  • Suitable for proper heat dissipation especially during overclocking

Advantages of a Copper Heatsink

  • Copper has the capacity to quickly absorb heat generated from the processing unit.
  • Absorbed heat travels through copper relatively quicker than other metals. The heat then dissipates quickly by transporting to the adjacent material (air).
  • Copper has a high melting point which means that this heatsink will not expand or lose shape upon absorbing heat generated by the CPU.