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KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case

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Introducing the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case, an exceptional solution designed to safeguard and elevate your Rock 4 C+ single-board computer. Here are some notable features it offers:

External Power Control

Equipped with an integrated external start button, the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case enables effortless on/off functionality for your single-board computer, eliminating the need for removal from the case.

Optimal Airflow

The case boasts numerous ventilation slots on both side panels, ensuring efficient airflow that effectively dissipates heat during intensive usage, maintaining the Rock 4 C+ at an ideal temperature.

High-Performance Cooler Compatibility

Seamlessly compatible with the "KKSB Rock 4 C+ PWM High-Performance Cooler," the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case guarantees efficient cooling and smooth operation, even when tackling demanding tasks.

Wall-Mounting Convenience

Facilitating easy wall mounting and offering space-saving solutions, the case features two keyholes located at the bottom for effortless installation.

Ample Room for Add-Ons

With generous space provided, the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case accommodates add-on boards, heatsinks, and low-profile coolers, empowering you to customize and tailor your Rock 4 C+ according to your specific requirements.

Antenna Accessibility

The case incorporates a pre-cut antenna hole with an SMA connector, granting convenient access for antenna installation and signal amplification purposes.

GPIO Connectivity

Featuring a side opening for a 40 Pin GPIO cable, the case simplifies the connection of external devices, enabling seamless expansion of your single-board computer's capabilities.

Enhanced Stability

Equipped with rubber feet, the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case ensures secure placement on various surfaces, providing stability and minimizing the risk of unintended slips or movement.

Robust Construction

Crafted from sandblasted black anodized aluminum, the case offers exceptional durability, shielding and safeguarding your single-board computer effectively.

KLICKA HÄR för monteringsanvisningar!

By opting for the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Rock 4 C+ single-board computer is fully protected, elevated, and tailored to suit your individual needs. Experience unparalleled protection and optimized performance by acquiring yours today!

Some Examples of Possible Applications

  1. Home Automation: Utilize the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case in home automation projects, where the Rock 4 C+ single-board computer acts as the central controller for controlling lights, appliances, or security systems.
  2. Robotics: Take advantage of the case's compatibility with add-on boards and GPIO access in robotics projects, allowing users to connect sensors, motors, and peripherals to the Rock 4 C+ for building and controlling robots.
  3. IoT (Internet of Things) Projects: Employ the case in IoT projects that require wireless connectivity, data collection, and remote monitoring, leveraging its GPIO access and antenna hole.
  4. Media Center: Transform the Rock 4 C+ single-board computer housed in the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case into a media center, running applications like Kodi or Plex, and streaming media content to connected TVs or monitors.
  5. Network Attached Storage (NAS): Utilize the case's durability and add-on board compatibility to create a home or small office NAS solution, enabling file storage and sharing over a local network.
  6. Retro Gaming Console: Construct a retro gaming console using the Rock 4 C+ single-board computer and the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case, allowing for emulation and gameplay of classic games from various platforms.
  7. Digital Signage: Leverage the case's wall-mounting capability, durability, and GPIO access in digital signage projects, where the Rock 4 C+ can power displays and deliver targeted content in public spaces or commercial environments.
  8. Educational Projects: Utilize the KKSB Rock 4 C+ Case in educational settings for teaching programming, electronics, and IoT concepts, providing students the opportunity to experiment and build their own projects using the Rock 4 C+ single-board computer.
  9. Industrial Control Systems: Utilize the case's durability, GPIO access, and cooling compatibility in industrial control applications, using the Rock 4 C+ for monitoring and controlling processes in manufacturing or automation environments.
  10. Custom Embedded Systems: Leverage the case's customization options and add-on compatibility to create customized embedded systems for specific applications, such as environmental monitoring, data logging, or automation.

Some Reasons to Buy This Case

  • Convenient Power Control: The external start button allows for easy power control without the need to remove the computer from the case, enhancing the user experience.
  • Customization Flexibility: The case's spacious design accommodates add-on boards, heatsinks, and low-profile coolers, enabling users to customize and tailor the Rock 4 C+ to their specific requirements.
  • Space-Saving Solution: The wall-mounting capability helps save space, keeping the setup organized and maintaining a tidy workspace.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The pre-cut antenna hole and GPIO access provide convenient installation of antennas and easy connection of external devices, expanding the versatility of the Rock 4 C+.
  • Stability: The inclusion of rubber feet ensures stability on various surfaces, reducing the risk of accidental slips or movement.
  • Durable Build: Constructed with sandblasted black anodized aluminum, the case offers durability, effectively protecting the single-board computer in various environments.

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  • KKSB ROCK 4 C+ Case

ROCK 4 Model C Plus is sold separately.

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