KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Gothia Chassi

by KKSB-Cases
185 kr

KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Gothia Case

High-grade aluminum and impressive stainless-steel casings from the KKSB have impressed thousands of developers. We proudly present another aluminum case, this time for the highly popular Raspberry Pi 3. Originally, the KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Case was designed for the RPi 3 but it turned out equally supportive for some other models as well, including the Raspberry Pi 2, and Raspberry Pi B+. The outlook is attractive and the stance is fairly eye-catching. This KKSB Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi lightweight with delicate cutouts for ventilation and board’s components.


  • The KKSB Gothia Case for Raspberry Pi is made of high-grade aluminum
  • The design has been inspired by the Gothenburg’s electro-mechanical geeks finding their roots in the hacker culture
  • The casing features laser-cut-outs for Micro USB, Audio, HDMI, SD Card, Micro USB, LED, Ethernet and USB
  • The good thing is that the KKSB Raspberry Pi Aluminum Case support 4x USB ports
  • Snap-Fit Lid and Bottom requires no screws so you can set it up in the blink of an eye
  • Designed to accommodates Heatsinks
  • Contains cutouts for proper ventilation


It doesn’t get better than the KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Case. The Raspberry Pi models require efficient cooling when the LED and gaming consoles are attached. The ventilation and heatsink support of this metal casing helps the board inside remain cooler and work at its best.