KKSB Aluminum DIN Rail Clip with Screws

by KKSB-Cases
37 kr

The KKSB DIN Rail Clip is made of aluminum and is black-coated. You can use the KKSB DIN Rail Clip to fix the 35mm Top Hat Rail. 4x screws are included.

Compatible KKSB Cases (Not Included)

The following KKSB Cases have precut holes for this DIN Rail Clip:

You can modify other KKSB Cases to fix this DIN Rail Clip. It only requires drilling 4x M2.5 holes. You can thread M2.5 nuts to fix the clip after the modification.

Items Included

  • 1x KKSB DIN Rail Clip
  • 4x Screws


  • Cases or accessories are NOT included. The pictures are for the purpose of demonstration.
  • Rail is NOT included.