KKSB Steel Case for Arduino Mega, UNO, and Ethernet Shield

by KKSB-Cases
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135 kr

If you need a reliable and robust case with a delicate outlook for your Arduino projects then you need to consider this revised version of the KKSB Arduino UNO / Mega Steel Case. This case is designed to accommodate Arduino UNO / Mega board and Arduino Ethernet Shield at the same time. The flanges of the case are removable so that you can use any additional Arduino Shield with this case. But cutouts are specifically designed to access the connectors of Arduino Mega / UNO and Arduino Ethernet Shield. This steel case has a black powder-coated surface.

Surface Mounting and Stability

The KKSB Steel Case for Arduino UNO / Mega and Ethernet Shield comes with 4 rubber feet which increase the stability of the case. If you want to mount to the case on a vertical surface, you can use the pre-cut mounting holes. In addition, there are pre-cut holes at the center of the bottom to attach the DIN Rail Clip if you want (The DIN Rail Clip is NOT included).

Features of KKSB Arduino UNO / Mega Steel Case

  • Brand: KKSB-Cases
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Black Powder-coated
  • Air-vents on the case lid
  • Removable flanges to attach additional Arduino Shield
  • Designed to Work with Arduino UNO / Arduino Mega / Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Cutouts for important connectors and interfaces on the compatible boards and shield
  • Pre-Cut mounting holes, rubber feet, and pre-cut holes to attach DIN Rail Clip

Items Included

  • 1x KKSB Arduino UNO / Mega Project Case
  • 4x Rubber Feet
  • Assembly Screws


  • The package DOES NOT include any Arduino Board or Shield. Additional components in the images are only used to show how the case fits and assembles with these boards.
  • The package DOES NOT contain DIN Rail Clip