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KKSB Arduino Case for Arduino UNO Rev3 and Arduino Mega Rev3 - Space for Arduino Shield

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The KKSB Arduino UNO, Mega Case is an Arduino protective case made of steel. It is made of steel with a black powder-coated finish. This Arduino enclosure is compatible with Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega. The case has space for Arduino Shield mounted on the compatible Arduino board. The case not only has cutouts for Arduino UNO, Mega connectors but also has dedicated cable routing holes on the sides as on the back.  

Disclaimer: This case is NOT compatible with Arduino UNO Rev4. It has been designed for Arduino UNO Rev3 and Arduino Mega Rev3. 


This Arduino UNO, Mega case offers both functionality and style. The case has rounded corners, adding a touch of esthetical appeal and making it a great addition to any workspace. The black powder coat gives the case a professional look, and the labelled connectors ensure you can quickly and easily identify the correct ports. The cable pass-through in the back of the case is a thoughtful touch, making it easy to connect your cables, and the extra openings on both sides offer added convenience.

Durability & Protection

Made from steel, this Arduino steel enclosure is built to last. The steel construction ensures the case is rigid and provides excellent protection for your board. The black powder coat not only adds a stylish touch but also provides additional protection against scratches and impacts. The board is secured with 4 screws, ensuring it stays securely in place and protected from accidental knocks and bumps. This Arduino protective case comes with rubber feet, providing stability on most surfaces.


This Arduino steel case is compatible with both the Arduino Mega and Arduino UNO boards, as well as any Arduino clones that share the same shape as the original products. The case is also designed to accommodate Arduino Shields, offering you the flexibility to use your preferred shield with your board. The labelled connectors make it easy to identify the correct ports, and there is even space for standard 2.54 DuPont jumper cables even when using a shield.


This Arduino Case is designed to be versatile, with two mounting holes in the bottom for added versatility. This allows you to mount the case in a variety of ways, making it the perfect solution for any project. Additionally, the case offers space for a Kensington lock, providing added security if used in a public or school setting. The extra openings on both sides of the case make it easy to route cables, and there is a dedicated cable pass-through in the back, making it easier than ever to connect your cables.

Possible Applications

KKSB Arduino UNO, Mega Case is suitable for various projects including but not limited to:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) projects
  • Robotics and automation projects
  • Prototyping and experimentation with electronics
  • Interactive installations and exhibits
  • Embedded systems and microcontroller projects
  • Industrial control and monitoring systems
  • DIY home automation and control systems
  • Educational projects in schools and universities
  • Makerspace projects and workshops
  • Any other project that requires protective and versatile housing for an Arduino Mega or UNO board.


  • Brand: KKSB Cases
  • Compatible SBCs: Arduino UNO (Rev3) and Arduino Mega (Rev3) and clones with similar form factor
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Powder-Coated | Black
  • Connector Support: Labelled Cutouts for Arduino UNO, Mega USB, Power, Reset Button, and Ethernet Jack to support Ethernet Shield
  • Additional Space: Space for Arduino Shields
  • Rail Mounting: Supports KKSB DIN Rail Clip (Sold Separately)
  • Surface Mounting: 2x Precut mounting holes | 4x Rubber Feet
  • Cable Support: Space for standard 2.54 DuPont jumper cables | Cable-through cutouts on both sides and dedicated cable pass-through (plastic) at the back
  • Lock Support: Compatible with the standard Kensington lock to use as a theft deterrent
  • Ventilation: Air vents on the case cover

Easy Assembly

  • Mount your Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO inside the case
  • Secure the board using screws
  • Mount the Arduino Shield if you want
  • Fix the case lid
  • Attach rubber feet under the case

Why Should You Buy This Case?

  • Optimises the stability and security of your board by providing a rigid steel case that can be secured with four screws.
  • Offers reliable protection for your Arduino Mega or UNO board and its components from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.
  • Designed to route cables easily and neatly by providing extra openings on both sides and a dedicated cable pass-through in the back.
  • It accommodates Arduino Shields and has space for standard 2.54 DuPont jumper cables, even when using a shield.
  • Supports mounting your board in various ways using the two mounting holes in the bottom and space for DIN rail clip (not included).
  • It supports your board during use by using the rubber feet included with the case.
  • It is compatible with both Arduino Mega and UNO boards and all Arduino clones that share the same shape as the original products.
  • It adds a professional and attractive look to your projects with its durable black powder coat and esthetically appealing rounded corners.
  • It allows you to secure your board in public settings with a Kensington lock.

Items Included

  • KKSB Arduino UNO, Mega Case
  • Rubber Feet
  • Fasteners

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