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Industrial USB to TTL Converter (B) - CH343G Chip

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This Industrial USB to TTL converter is designed to provide reliable and fast communication between your computer and various TTL-level devices, such as embedded systems, routers, modems, and more.

It features the original CH343G chip, which ensures stable and accurate data transmission, and supports various baud rates, ranging from 50bps to 6Mbps.


Onboard resettable fuse and TVS diode for multiple protections

  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Backward-proof protection
  • ESD protection
  • Improved shock resistance
  • Ensures safe and stable communications
  • Onboard IO protection circuit for surge suppress

Onboard TTL serial port with voltage level switch

  • Supports both 3.3V and 5V TTL levels
  • Easy to switch between voltage levels

3x LED indicators for power connection and signal TX/RX statuses

  • Easy to check status at a glance

Quality plastic case with dull-polish surface

  • Sleek and well-crafted design

IDC connector with fool-proof design

  • Easy to connect with fool-proof design to prevent incorrect connections.

Possible Applications

  • Connecting various TTL-level devices, such as embedded systems, routers, modems, and more to a computer for data transmission and communication.
  • Providing reliable and fast communication between the computer and TTL-level devices, especially in industrial-grade environments.
  • Ensuring safe and stable communication with multiple protections, such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, backwards-proof protection, ESD protection, improved shock resistance, and onboard IO protection circuit for surge suppress.
  • Providing a fool-proof design for easy and correct connections with the IDC connector.
  • Supporting data transmission rates up to 6Mbps and ensuring stable and accurate data transmission with the original CH343G chip onboard.
  • Providing compatibility with various TTL-level devices with the 8PIN header wire foolproof connector.

Original CH343G Chip Onboard

Better stability and compatibility with industrial-grade communication between TTL devices and computers

Supports Multiple Operating Systems

Compatible with Android, Linux, Mac, WinCE, Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Status Indicator LEDs

Convenient checking, debugging, and programming with 3 status indicator LEDs.

  • PWR: Power Indicator | RED when detects USB voltage
  • TXD: TX indicator | RED when transmitting data to the USB port
  • RXD: RX indicator | RED when the UART port is receiving data

USB Signal and Pinout Definition

  • 5V: 5V Output
  • VCC: Switch Configured 3.3V ~ 5V Output
  • TXD: MCU.RX connection
  • RXD: MCU.TX Connection
  • RTS: MCU.CTS Connection
  • CTS: MCU.RTS Connection

Outline Dimensions


  • Converter Type: Industrial USB to TTL
  • Chip: CH343G
  • Data Rate: 50bps ~ 6Mbps

USB (Host Port)

  • Protection: ESD protection | Resettable fuse
  • Connector: USB-A

UART (Device Port)

  • Protection: IO protection diode
  • Connector: 8PIN header wire foolproof

Items Included

  • USB to TTL (B) Converter
  • 8PIN Wire Foolproof

Package Weight: 21 Grams

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