GPIO Reference Card for Raspberry Pi

by raspberry pi
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You can’t ask for something simpler than this yet another assist for the Raspberry Pi boards. The GPIO Reference Card allows you to easily connect wires with the Raspberry Pi. It has always been a confusing task for the beginners to establish the correct connection with the precise cable plugging. The reference card frees you from the complexities associated with the GPIO connections. Having the GPIO Reference Card means that you don’t have to memorize the complex GPIO chart.

GPIO Reference Card Features

  • The reference card is idiot-proof (there is no way for backward plugging as the card fits only from the right side)
  • Easy to handle
  • You can easily judge if the cables are connected the right way
  • The pins have been categorized (I2C/UART/Power/IO) so it becomes easier to identify the connection type
  • Slide the card over the GOPI header and its ready to work. Super easy installation!

Dimensions (L x W x H)

52mm x 22mm x 0.8mm



GPIO Reference Card Description

It took a lot of time to correct the cable plugs and work with complex connections. The reference card is an amazing solution as it is fairly simple and reliable as well. The compact dimensions make it easier to handle. The weight is ultra-light (1.7g) makes it feel like a feather. The GPIO Reference Card for Raspberry Pi contains a clearly stamped value for each of the I/O reference point.

Once installed properly on the header, the card leaves enough space to accommodate the cable heads. When setting it up, the card actually pushes downwards and the header holds it tightly. The markings on the pitch signify the pin-function. The values are clear to read so there is no room for any misunderstanding. You need to have one of these cards for quick and reliable connections.