92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan PWM and TACHO Sensor

by Odroid
63 kr 50 kr

ODROID Mini PC boards come with high-performance processing units which means that there often remains a need for reliable heat-dissipation and cooling accessories. Here comes the 92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan with PWM and TACHO rotation sensor. If you are looking to support ODROID-H2 or other ODROID PCs with the optional DC cooling fan then this product is a suitable choice. The 92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan can reach the speed of up to 2000 RPM.

Features of 92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan (PWM + TACHO Sensor)

  • The fan features controllable low-frequency PWM
  • Reaches up to 2000 Rotation Per Minute
  • Comes with the TACHO Sensor
  • Features Sleeve Bearings
  • The fan is compatible with 5V/250mA DC
  • The length of the wire is 250mm (approximately)
  • GROUND – Black Wire
  • Input PWM: Blue Wire
  • 5V DC: Red Wire
  • Frequency Generator (Tachometer Output): Yellow Wire
  • 25mm 4-Pin Wafer Male Wire Connector (Also works with ODROID-H2)
  • Dimensions: 92mm x 92mm x 25mm

Items Included

  • 1x 92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan (PWM + TACHO Sensor)
  • 8x PC Fan Screws (M.5)


The 92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan (PWM + TACHO Sensor) is the right choice especially when you spend more time playing games, extensive computing, and video streaming on ODROID PC. This fan compliments passive heatsink with optimal heat management.