BeagleBone Black Revisions C

by BeagleBoard.org
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BeagleBone Black is a Single Board Computer that comes with a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 AM3358BZCZ100 processor. You can insert the BeagleBone Black into a system to use it as a development board. You can also use it individually as a separate independent computer. This is appropriate for electronic engineers and makers. Hobbyists can also use this computer. 

Specifications of BeagleBone Black (Revision C)

  • Processor: 1GHz AM3358BZCZ100 ARM Cortex-A8 
  • HDMI Audio 
  • I/O: 2x 46-Pin GPIO Headers 
  • A Boot Button 
  • A Reset Button 
  • A Power Button 
  • Serial Debug Port 20-Pin CTI JTAG 
  • A Power indicator LED 
  • 4 User controllable LED indicators 
  • 2 Ethernet LED status indicators 
  • 5V DC Power Jack (Mini USB also supports power supply) 
  • 512MB DDR3 RAM 
  • Flash: 4GB eMMC 
  • EEPROM: 4kB 
  • PMIC: TPS65217C 
  • Graphics: 20M polygons/S 3D SGX530 
  • Optional Storage is 3.3V MMC, Micro SD Card Slot 
  • A Client Mini USB 2.0  
  • A Host USB A 2.0
  • Ethernet: 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet Port 
  • Measurement: 8.64cm x 5.33cm | 86.4mm x 53.3mm 
  • It weighs 39.68 Grams 

Software and Operating System Compatibility

The following Operating Systems are supported by BeagleBone Black :

  • Windows Embedded CE 
  • QNX
  • Android 
  • Linux 
  • ThreadX  

The following software are supported by the BeagleBone Black: 

  • Ubuntu 
  • Cloud9 UDE
  • Android 
  • Debian  

Difference Between BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone Wireless 




BeagleBone Black

RJ45 Ethernet

Lacks wireless connectivity

BeagleBone Wireless

No Ethernet port

Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


Other than the differences mentioned above, both are largely similar.

Items Included 

  • A BeagleBone Black SBC 
  • A Mini USB to USB-A Cable