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Arduino Due

Don’t you feel confident enough to work on UNO at an early stage or is it something a bit complex? The Arduino Due presents a perfect solution. This development board promises big with its 84MHz Atmel processor in combination of the reliable ARM-Cortex M3. This is quite helpful for the project dealings with a drone even 3D printers.  

Arduino Due Specifications

  • Atmel AT91SAM3X8E MCU
  • Accommodates 512KB Flash Memory
  • 64KB and 32KB SRAM bank accumulate to 96KB
  • An impressive 84MHz Clock Speed
  • Support an input voltage from 6V to 16V (though, the Arduino recommended min. input 7V and max. input is 12V)
  • The board is configured to support an operating voltage of 3.3V
  • 54x Digital pins (I/O) include 12x analog (output) and 12x PWM pins
  • The board also accommodates a couple of DAC (output) analog pins
  • Supports a direct current of 800mA compatible with the 3.3V pins
  • All lines are supported for 130mA DC (output)
  • 5V pins DC 800mA support

L x W (mm)

101.52 x 53.3 (millimeters)




Arduino Due Description

It took 7-years of intensive engendering, hard work, and decades of professional experience of Arduino developers to finally launch something that hits the market as probably the most powerful and efficient open source development board. The Arduino Due is equipped with amazing features, advanced settings and is really helpful for upgraded projects. If we go back to 2011 and have a look at the Cortex M3 ARM 1.0 Arduino, we come to realize that Arduino boards have come a long way.

If you are professional developer, you’ll probably enlist the Arduino Due as the top priority. This board is perfect for 3D printing projects and drone-related project. It is also an excellent option to handle complex computation. If you hate getting stuck to the basics, grab one of these boards and enhance your skills quicker than ever before.