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5-Inch HDMI Touch Display

A variety of touch displays are now available in the market to support open-space single board computers but none performs better than customized Raspberry Pi displays. If 7-inch seems a bit larger then try the new 5-Inch HDMI Touch Display for Raspberry Pi. In addition to the compact and simple design, this screen performs effectively and enables you get rid of external keyboard and mouse. The touch panel helps you handle multitasking fairly easily. The HDMI output makes it possible to attach the screen to any computer. Mounting the screen on a case or a rail is simple. The TFP401 feature helps efficient video decoding.

5-Inch HDMI Touch Display Specifications

  • Plug and play; no need to arrange for a bunch of drivers
  • 800 x 480 pixels HQ resolution
  • Configured to support Intel MiniPC
  • AR1100 USB driver to enable the touch-mode
  • Operating System support for Ubuntu-Mate, NOOBS, Raspbian, and Raspberry Pi, Windows, and Mac.
  • Configured to support BeagleBone, Angstrom, and Debian
  • Ultra-Low Power ensured by consumption backlight

Dimensions (mm)

133 x 76 x 7


120 grams

Unboxing 5-Inch HDMI Touch Display

The 5-Inch HDMI Touch Display Kit contains:

  • The Touch Screen/Display
  • A Touch-Pen
  • A copper Cylinder
  • An HDMI connector

5-Inch HDMI Touch Display Description

Higher resolution of the 5-inch HDMI Touch Display ensures the compatibility with the latest video software. A number of latest software don’t support a resolution that is below 800 x 480 pixels. The screen is easily portable and you can work easily on the projects which require you move from place to place. You can show your progress to your friends because you don’t have to worry about carrying the screen from place to place. The compatibility with any HDMI supported computer and various operating systems give the screen an edge over the substitutes.