16mm Telephoto Lens with Multi Field Angle for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

by Waveshare
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The 16mm Telephoto Lens is designed for Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera. This lens provides Multi Field Angle. For the need of capturing minute details by streamlining Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, the Telephoto Lens is the best recommendable option as with the help of Multi-Angle options  it makes bigger areas visionary possible.

Specifications of 16mm Telephoto Lens for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

  • The Lens size is 1-inch
  • Include 16mm Focal length
  • (BFL) Back Focal length:17.53mm
  • 4-16 F-Number
  • Has C Mount Connector
  • (FoV) Field of View: 1″ 44.6° × 33.6° …  2/3″ 30.0° × 23.2° … 1/1.8″ … 24.7° × 18.6° … 1/2″ 21.8° ×16.4°
  • Has 133.7 grams | 0.1337 kg weight
  • Aperture is Manual
  • Dimensions: Φ39.00 × 50.00mm
  • 20m Minimum Object Distance
  • (TTL) Through the Lens Metering: 67.53mm
  • 1″(-0.7%)… 1/2″(-0.5%)Distortion

Important Note

  • The picture of the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera shown for demonstration in the image Is Not a part of the package
  • You will need an additional Camera Cable for Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3

Items Included

  • 16mm Telephoto Lens for Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera (x1)