128x96p 2.0 Inch PaPiRus E Ink HAT for Raspberry Pi ZERO

by PaPiRus
499 kr 399 kr

If you are using Raspberry Pi ZERO and thinking if there is any e-Ink HAT for this compact Mini PC then stop searching because you have reached the right place. This is the 128x96p 2.0-inch PaPiRus e-Ink HAT that has been exclusively designed to work with Raspberry Pi ZERO. If you love DIY challenges then this small but useful e-Ink Screen HAT can work for you to produce the desired results. This screen HAT uses the open-source RePaper codebase to let you drive displays of different sizes. The light that reflects from the ePaper Screen casts an identical look that you experience on the conventional paper. This is a low-power consumption screen HAT because it needs the power to upload the image. After that, the 128x96p 2.0-inch PaPiRus e-Ink HAT for Raspberry Pi ZERO can hold the image or text for hours without requiring power. The PaPiRus Screen HAT was initially released on Kickstarter. Now, you have the freedom of buying this e-Ink HAT to use with the Raspberry Pi board. The driver-circuitry is reliable and it helps smooth functioning.

Features of 128x96p 2.0-inch PaPiRus e-Ink HAT for Raspberry Pi ZERO

  • Display Type: True e-Ink Graphical Display
  • Display Quality/Resolution: 128x96p
  • Signal-Breakout Female Header 40-Pin
  • Most suitable for barcode-reader and other dynamic signalizing apps
  • Doesn’t need the power to keep displaying text or image for hours
  • The display is easily visible in broad daylight thanks to the high contrast

Usability of 128x96p 2.0-inch PaPiRus e-Ink HAT for Raspberry Pi ZERO

  • Digital Signage
  • E-Paper watch for Raspberry Pi ZERO
  • ePaper Nametag
  • Displaying updated weather forecast
  • Displaying twitter deed
  • Outdoor display
  • Data-logging apps


  • This offer DOES NOT contain the stacking header