Pi NoIR 8MP Infrared Camera Module V2

by raspberry pi
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Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched yet another camera with top-quality, high-resolution night vision. The Original Pi NoIR Camera Module has advanced features with the upgraded 8 Megapixel infrared Pi NoIR Camera v2. Due to the Sony IMX219 (8 MP) the quality is far better than OmniVision 5647 (5MP) found in the original camera module.

However, the picture quality won’t be the best as Pi NoIR doesn’t feature infrared filters during the daylight but on the positive side, users will be able to see around through the dark, all due to an impressive infrared feature.


This upgraded 8 MP infrared Pi NoIR comes with the following impressive features:

  • High-quality results due to Upgraded resolution (from 5MP to 8 MP).
  • Sony IMX219 image sensor replaces the OV5647, capable of an impressive 3280x2464 pixels
  • Optical Size: ¼”
  • High sensitivity
  • Low Noise
  • Video Recording at
  • 1080p30
  • 720p60
  • 640x640p90
  • Low Crosstalk
  • Compatibility with Raspbian OS
  • Ideal for twilight and dark because there are no infrared filters
  • OmniBSI technology

Plant Monitoring

Pi NoIR v2 Camera has a blue gel that helps in monitoring plant health. Plant enthusiasts use Pi NoIR to inspect the bug activity around the plants.


Pi NoIR Infrared Camera V2 is compatible with Raspberry Pi 1, Pi 2 and Pi 3. The camera is also accessible through:

  • MMAL
  • V4L
  • PiCamera Python


With the help of the SCI interface which is a custom design for the model, the Pi NoIR v2 is connected to the socket with the upper side of the module. The 25mm x 23mm x 29mm board is compact and weighs not more than just 3-grams, make it highly suitable for your projects.