16 GB eMMC Android Module for ODROID-XU4

by Hardkernel
330 kr 264 kr

If you are in search of the pre-installed eMMC Android Module then take a look at this 16GB eMMC Android Module for ODROID-XU4. You don’t have to go through the installation process because this eMMC Module for UX4 has pre-installed Android. It makes things fairly convenient as long as you are using ODROID-XU4. The eMMC Android Module for XU4 features HS400 interface version 5.0.

Features of eMMC Android Module (16GB) for XU4

  • eMMC Version: 5.1 and higher
  • Revision: PCB Revision 0.4
  • Pre-installed Operating System ready to work straight away
  • DDR (b-bit Mode) – MMCA/JEDEC – Interface version 5.0 / HS400
  • The storage speed is 7x faster as compared to the read/write speed of the Class-10 Micro SD

Write Command

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=$(mount-path)/test oflag=direct bs=8M count=64

Read Command

sudo dd if=$(mount-path)/test of=/dev/null iflag=direct bs=8M


The eMMC Android Module for XU4 needs the latest Uboot and Kernel Patch to work with ODROID-XU4.