Raspberry Pi UPS HAT Pogo Pins 5V 5A with 8.4V Charger

by Waveshare
313 kr

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This UPS HAT for Raspberry Pi has been designed to work with Raspberry Pi 3, 3B, 3B+, and 4B. This 5V/5A Uninterrupted Power Supply comes with the Pogo Pins connector. The Raspberry Pi UPS HAT supports I2C bus communication to monitor current, voltage, remaining battery capacity, and power in real-time. The HAT features a voltage regulator and multiple protection circuits.

Pogo Pins Connector
No need to waste GPIO resources

Video Presentation of the Product

Features of UPS HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • 5V regulator onboard
  • Pogo Pins Connector
  • Communication Bus: I2C bus communication | Real-time monitoring of current, voltage, remaining battery, and power
  • Constant Power Supply: Can recharge the battery via external power supply and yield power output at the same time
  • 5V USB output
  • Continuous 5A output current
  • Warning indicators
  • Multiple battery protection circuits for protection against overcurrent, overcharge/discharge, reverse protection, short circuit protection
  • Manual and development resources included
  • Equalizing charge feature

Stable and Safe Design with Multiple Protection Features 

Battery Warning Indicator

Specifications of UPS HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with 2x 18650 Li Batteries (Batteries are NOT included)
  • Charger: Compatible with 8.4V / 2A (Charger is included)
  • Control Bus: I2C communication bus
  • Mounting Holes: 3.0mm Holes
  • Weight: 179 Grams
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm | 8.5cm x 5.6cm

USB Output 5V to Power Other Boards

Items Included

  • UPS HAT for Raspberry Pi (x1)
  • Protection Panel Acrylic (x1)
  • 4V / 2A Charger (EU Plug) (x1)
  • Pack of Screws

Please Note

  • This UPS HAT is compatible with batteries less than 67mm long. Some long batteries with protection plates are NOT compatible.
  • Batteries are NOT included. This UPS HAT requires 2x 18650 batteries.