6V 5W Solar Panel 156 Monocrystalline Cell with Toughened Glass Surface

by Waveshare
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You’re looking at the 6V, 5W Solar Panel. The cell type used on this panel is the 156-monocrystalline solar cell. The surface of the solar panel features toughened glass and its frame is made of the anodic oxidation aluminum alloy. The panel measures 23cm x 19.5cm (frame included).

Specifications of 6V 5W Solar Panel

  • Runs on a 6V (± 5%) operating voltage
  • Possess 5W (± 5%) power
  • Solar Cell Type: 156 Monocrystalline Cell
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame (Anodic Oxidation)
  • Toughened Glass Surface
  • 25mm PET - Back Board Material
  • 833mA ± 5% - Maximum Operating Current
  • Short Circuit Current (± 5%): 916mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage (± 5%): 7.2V
  • Weight (533 grams | 0.533 kg)
  • Dimensions ( 23cm x 19.5cm | 230mm x 195mm)


All the above specifications are claimed after the testing and results are extracted under certain standard conditions, given below:

  • 1000W/m2 - Radiation Intensity
  • 5 - Air Quality
  • 25oC Temperature

Items Included

  • 1x Solar Panel (5W 6V)

The package DOES NOT include the Solar Power Manager