2592x1944p 5MP OV5640 Camera Module with Onboard Flash and Auto Focusing

by Waveshare
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It is a small autofocusing 5MP camera module. It uses an OV5640 image sensor and has an onboard flash LED. The OV5640 can produce a resolution of 2592x1944 pixels. The OV5640 uses the OmniBSI technology supporting 1.4um x 1.4um pixel. The technology also enables the camera to achieve high sensitivity, low noise, and low crosstalk. ABLC, ABF, AWB, and AEC such Automatic Image Control functions are the highlighting features of the camera. The image control features supported by the OV5640 Camera Module include Lens Correction, Color Saturation, Sharpness, Hue, and Gamma configurations.

Specifications of 5MP OV5640 Camera Module with Onboard Flash

  • 5MP OV5640 - Image Sensor
  • 2592x1944 pixels - Resolution
  • Detects objects distance for autofocusing
  • Contains onboard flash LED
  • Auto Image Control Functions include ABLC, ABF, AWB, and AEC
  • Based on OmniBSI technology supporting 1.4um x 1.4um pixel, low crosstalk, high sensitivity, and low noise
  • Image Quality Controls include Sharpness, Hue, Lens Correction, Gamma, and Color Saturation
  • Output formats include Compressed Data, CCIR656, RAW RGB, RGB565/555/444, YCbCr422, and YUV(422/420)
  • Supports image scaling, panning, and windowing
  • 1/4-inch CCD - Size
  • 8 - Aperture (F)
  • 37mm - Adjustable Focal Length
  • 4o - Diagonal Field of View
  • 3V Operating Voltage Level
  • I2C Compatible SCCB Control Interface
  • 8-bit - DVP Data Interface
  • 6 grams | 0.006 kg - Weight
  • 57cm x 2.39cm | 35.7mm x 23.9mm - Dimensions

Items Included

  • 5MP OV5640 Camera Module (x1)