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MKR Relay Proto Shield

Arduino, the name of trust for introducing user-friendly and flexible hardware and software comes forward with a valuable addition to the MKR boards. This production reveals the commitment of the Arduino for ensuring the provision of value-added stuff for the end users. The MKR Relay Proto Shield improves the functionality and enhances the capability of the MKR boards due to addition of a pair of relays in it. Still, it’s not done! The provision of different Screw Terminal Blocks helps in terms of connecting to different pins.

MKR Relay Proto Shield Specifications

  • An operating voltage (3.3V) for the MKR Relay Proto Shield is dependent on the MKR board which is connected with the shield
  • Three different connection types (NC, COM and NO) are featured to the relays
  • The relays feature three connection-types including NC, COM, and NO
  • The Smartly designed Proto Shield is well compatible to the battery powered boards
  • MKR Relay Proto Shield has the capacity for carrying 2A while supporting max. operating voltage up to alternate current (12VAC) and direct current (60VDC)
  • The shield suits well to a maximum operating current of 1A
  • The shield has a maximum switching capacity of (30V / 62.50VA)
  • Presence of screw terminal blocks makes it very easy to establish connections

MKR Relay Proto Shield Description

The MKR Relay Proto Shield becomes more valuable after getting the trademark Arduino design. It looks more impressive after getting a neat final touch with curved edges. Other than the expectations, comparatively smaller prototyping area has an ability to work in an efficient way when you are working on a project. The shield can be connected to any MKR board until the board is supplied with power through battery.