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Arduino Mega ADK Rev3

Arduino doesn’t let go a chance of amazing its followers and users with new ideas and added features. The Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 introduced a powerful combination of MAX3421E IC and ATmega2560 microcontroller. Apart from its powerful processing features, the Mega ADK Rev3 carries excellent and more reliable cellular connectivity features supported by the USB Host Interface. With 54 Digital Input/Output pins, the auto-reset program, 16 analog outputs and 15 PWM channels, this board promises much more than its predecessors. The auto-reset features is a welcome addition as it no more requires a power button.

Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 Specifications

  • ATmega 2560 microcontroller backed by MAX3421E IC (USB Host Chip)
  • 256KB Flash Memory
  • 8KB SRAM
  • 8KB Flash Memory for bootloader (consumed from the total 256KB Flash Memory)
  • Contains a 4KB EEPROM
  • Features a clock speed of 16MHz
  • Supports 5V of operating voltage
  • Configured for 6V-20V voltage range
  • Arduino recommends 7V-12V ideal voltage range
  • The Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 comes with 54 GPIO pins
  • 16 Analog Input pins (out of total 54 pins)
  • 15 PWM channels (out of total 54 pins)
  • The board supports up to 40mA DC for each pin (I/O)
  • Configured to support 50mA DC (3.3V pin)

Dimensions (L x W)

101.52mm x 53.3mm



Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 Description

The Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 accepts power from USB supply as well as from the external supply. The auto-select features enables the board to automatically detect the power source. In the case of an external power supply, the board support AC-DC adapter or a battery. Don’t forget that a cellular connection may trigger a phone to draw power from the Arduino Mega ADK Rev3. 500mA of USB supply can’t fulfill the required 750mA to power the phone. To solve the issue, you need to use the external 1500mA supply.