7.5 inch Three Color E Ink Raw Display 640x384p with SPI Interface

by Waveshare
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The 7.5 inch E-Ink Raw Display has a 3-Wire and 4-Wire SPI communication interface and an embedded controller. SPI communication supports Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Jetson Nano, and STM32. The display resolution is 640x384 pixels and it supports Yellow, Black, and White colors. The 170o View Angle is good enough for clear visibility from different sides. It is ideal for shelf labeling as well as industrial instruments since it is power-efficient hardware. The Raw E-Ink Display doesn’t have a backlight and it only uses power while refreshing content or image. Once the image is programmed and formed, the display can hold it for hours without using power.

Features of 640x384p 7.5 inch Three Color E-Ink Raw Display

  • It is based on the phenomena of low power consumption technology so the power supply is required only while refreshing content or image to charge the suspended particles
  • Since there is no backlight on the module, there is no need for a constant power supply
  • The Raw E-Ink Display works with Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson Nano

Specifications of 7.5 inch Three Color E-Ink Raw Display

  • Supports 3.3V Operating Voltage
  • Features embedded controller
  • Has SPI communication interface: 4- Wire & 3- Wire
  • 5-inch Display Size
  • Wide view angle: 170 o
  • Three Color Display: White, Black, and Yellow
  • Approximately 16 seconds of Full Refresh Time
  • Dot Pitch: 0.255 x 0.255
  • Display Quality: 640 x 384 pixels
  • Horizontal Dimensions of the Screen : 16.32cm x 9.792cm | 163mm x 97.92mm
  • Grey Scale level 2
  • 170o Wide View Angle
  • The module weighs only 44 grams/ 0.044 kg
  • Has low standby power of less than 0.017mW
  • Typical Refresh Power: Normally 38mW
  • Outline dimensions of the module are 17.02cm x 11.12cm x 0.118cm | 170.2mm x 111.2mm x 1.18mm


  • The Raw E-Ink Display is meant for comparing and easy testing. It requires a driver board.
  • Please note that the package DOES NOT include the driver board