4.2inch Three Color 400x300p E Ink Display Module with SPI Interface

by Waveshare
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The 4.2-inch E Ink Display Module has an SPI communication interface. The display quality of the module is 400x300 pixels and it supports three colors which include Red, White, and Black. This small E Ink Display Module is fairly easy to use. It measures 10.3cm x 7.85cm edge-to-edge and it weighs just 54 grams. The 4.2 inch E Ink Display module uses ultra-low-consumption technology. The view angle is wide, i.e. 170o. Ideally this E Ink Display Module is suitable for industrial equipment and shelf labeling.

The technology behind the E Ink Display Module

The E Ink Display Module is based on Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Display (MED). This technology is ultra-low-power-consumption. The working process is based on the scattering of the suspended particles of the pigments by flowing current through though the display. The power input is only needed to scatter these pigment spheres in the desired position. Once the image is formed, there remains no need for electricity and the image or content stays on the display for a long time.

Features of 4.2 inch 3-Color SPI E Ink Display Module

  • Doesn’t require power to hold the image for hours
  • This display module doesn’t use any backlight
  • The power is needed to refresh or uploading a new image or text
  • The SPI communication interface is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Nucleo
  • Features an onboard voltage translator compatible with 3.3V / 5V


  • Operating Voltage Compatibility: 3.3V/5V
  • 3-Wire and 4-Wire SPI Communication Interface
  • 2inch Display
  • Supports 3 Colors: Red, White, Black
  • Display Quality: 400x300p resolution
  • 212 x 0.212 Dot Pitch
  • Gray Level 2
  • 170o View Angle
  • 017mW Standby Power (approximately)
  • 4mW (typ.) Refresh Power
  • 15 seconds Full Refresh Time
  • Weight: 0.054kg or 54 grams
  • Horizontal Dimensions of the Display: 84.8mm x 63.6mm | 8.48cm x 6.36cm
  • Outline (Edge-to-Edge) Dimensions: 103mm x 78.5mm | 10.3cm x 7.85cm

Items Included

  • 20cm 8Pin PH2.0 (x1)
  • E Ink Display Module 4.2 inch (x1)